Judging vacancies

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Can you identify what ‘above and beyond’ is for inclusive practice?

Want to get involved in a national celebration of good practice?

Want to wave your flag for inclusion?

For 2019 we are recruiting for three more judges, with national experience in the following areas:

  1. Inclusion in primary mainstream schools
  2. Inclusion in secondary or FE mainstream settings
  3. Inclusion and Diversity in Employment (may also be suitable for someone in the apprenticeship sector)


What does judging involve?

Entries are submitted by around 30th April each year.  We then ask judges to read and score each entry according to three criteria:

  • Evidence of going above and beyond the expectations for their type of setting (out of 10)
  • Evidence of innovation (out of 10)
  • Evidence of sustained impact over 2 consecutive years (out of 10)

Judges then meet for a day to agree the scores for each entry and decide the winners.

How much time does it involve?

Generally it involves 2-3 days’ worth of your time, spread out over several months and a few emails over the course of the year.

If you want to get involved in the regional conferences and presenting the awards, you are welcome, but we respect your time and do not expect it.

What experience do I need?

Our judges are recognised nationally as senior figures in organisations that have a reach across the UK.

Is it paid?

No,  reasonable expenses can be claimed, but judges give their time for free.

How do I apply?

Get in touch with the Chair of the National SEND Awards, Richard Curtis on richard.curtis@rootofit.com or 07938 329314.


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